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Support your managers in the monitoring of their teams... especially in teleworking.

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"During the transition period to telework, it was essential for us to get feedback on our support, cohesion and strategy.

The feedback from Elevo has been very useful for us."

Justine Reure, HR Development Manager, Figaro Classifieds
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Multiply contact points even from a distance

With the spread of teleworking, maintaining social ties is becoming essential. In this context of asynchronous communication, it is necessary to maintain commitment and cohesion with dispersed employees.

How can this be achieved? Thanks to very simple models, a hyper-engaging interface to boost usage and a tool that fades away to focus on the essential.

Survey employees and gather quantitative information from the field!

Thanks to a real-time understanding of how employees feel, you will be able to gauge the commitment and motivation of each employee and, above all, implement the necessary actions.

Monitor objectives on an ongoing basis

In teleworking, it is essential to align the objectives of the employees with the company's vision to ensure a high level of performance.

Thanks to Elevo, it is possible toadjust the objectives in real time, if necessary, so that the company does not get stuck. This flexibility is all the more important in the current context.

Elevo accompanies you in all your management processes remotely.

Thesupport of a dedicated HR expert is important for the success of your HR strategy.

At Elevo, our Customer Success team supports you in the implementation of campaigns and the monitoring of your key indicators.
Your HR expert also provides you with the analysis of the results and offers recommendations to achieve a completion rate of more than 95%.

Telework management: towards a more agile company?

The COVID-19 crisis has prompted many reactions from companies, which are now questioning the relevance of telework and remote management methods.

In a very concrete way, the purpose of this white paper is to understand the causes of this evolution, to analyse the tools necessary for the success of the transition and to highlight the human changes that this implies.

Elevo integrates with your favorite partners

Our API allows us to integrate with most HRISs without additional deployment time.

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Adopted by companies, appreciated by employees

With a 95% employee usage rate and 100% turnover in the first year, our clients trust Elevo to develop the commitment and performance of their teams.

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