Being Customer Success at Elevo: Supporting HR leaders for the long term

Being Customer Success at Elevo: Supporting HR leaders for the long term

A good People Management tool is judged by its functionalities (Interviews and evaluations, Surveys, 360° Feedback, Performance Review, People Review, Surprise Report...), but not only! Behind a good People Management tool is always a Customer Success team.

At Elevo, Customer Success has several missions :

  • They onboard the customers on the platform, a key moment in the deployment,
  • Offer personalized support that takes into account the characteristics and specificities of each company .
  • As HR experts, Customer Success is able to give advice to HR and People Partners, especially on the optimization of the tool .
  • Share best practices with customers .
  • Follow clients in implementing and embedding the feedback culture .
  • Help HR teams communicate internally about their appraisal campaigns.
  • Ensure long-term follow-up and help clients make the best HR decisions thanks to the data collected during the campaigns.

Let's get into the details and see how the deployment of a good People Management tool is not only an IT project but also a long-term management project. And at Elevo, it is Customer Success that contributes to the success of this project.

Customer Success at Elevo: support from the moment of onboarding

During onboarding, Elevo's Customer Success team goes beyond a simple meeting to present the tool. They spend time understanding the customer's expectations by asking them specific questions to give them the best possible support:

  • What are your needs? 
  • What issues do you want to solve with Elevo? 
  • What are your short and long term goals? 
  • On what criteria would you rate Elevo Solution? 
  • ...

During the onboarding phase, the Customer Success team provides close support to companies, as they all have different issues and objectives: for example, some companies are looking to move towards the best management practices in the market, while others want to take on very specific HR challenges. In this sense, onboarding at Elevo is similar to a consulting and personalized support phase*. 

Customer Success at Elevo: Support and training force for campaign launches 

But at Elevo, support goes beyond the onboarding stage. Customer Success is also present at the launch of the campaigns. They provide training materials to help HR teams communicate well internally. 

These materials address the following points: 

  • What are the objectives of an evaluation campaign? 
  • How does an evaluation campaign work? What is the exact timeline?
  • What will be the issues in this campaign?

Each HR team can take these materials and modify them according to their needs and/or branding! 

How a 360-degree feedback campaign works on Elevo
How a 360° Feedback campaign works

Customer Success can also share campaign launch emails with certain customers to make sure they reach as many employees as possible. A tool is absolutely useless without users! 

Customer Success at Elevo: a real force of proposal 

Elevo's Customer Success team is also a force to be reckoned with because they have real expertise. In fact, they work with companies in all sectors of activity that are so different from one another (BlaBlaCar, Nature & Découvertes, Frichti, Figaro Classifieds, Picard, JCDecaux, Aircall, etc.) that their field of expertise is wide. Thus, Customer Success is able to share best practices with customers and suggest other ways of doing things so that they can make the best use of the platform according to their problems. 

Let's imagine that the HR department of an international company wants to launch a Performance Review campaign. After having assessed the company's HR needs, Customer Success will help the HR team to adapt the framework proposed on the platform to their corporate culture, to choose the right number of questions and the launch date of the campaign. 

"I have always had a good contact with the Elevo teams. The support and expertise of the Customer Success team is essential for the success of our HR projects. There is a good responsiveness, and that for us is important!"
Justine Reure, HR Development Manager at Figaro Classifieds 

Customer Success at Elevo: long-term support from A to Z 

Elevo customers have the opportunity to contact Customer Success long after their onboarding. The support is personalized and long-term. 

Let's start with a concrete case. 

After a year of using the Elevo platform, an HR team wants to implement 360° feedback in their company

But where to start? What are the best practices to put in place? When should a 360° feedback campaign be launched? On the whole population or just a part? What questions should be asked? Should you ask open or closed questions?

The HR team can rely on the expertise of Customer Success. The latter will already identify the objectives of this project by questioning the HR team: 

  • Why do you want to do 360° feedback?
  • What issues do you want to address?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you want to assess? Competencies? Soft skills? Well-being? Commitment?

Then, Customer Success will propose customized forms and provide Best Practices to the HR team

Elevo's support for 360° Feedback
An example of Elevo's 360° Feedback practice

Customer Success will also help the HR team to communicate on 360° feedback by suggesting templates for communication emails. Indeed, what's the point of launching a campaign if employees don't understand its meaning? 

This example is indicative of the work that Customer Success does at Elevo: they stand alongside HR leaders to help them challenge their strategy. Everything is changing so fast - organizational models, employee expectations, and the economic environment - that the only way for HR to keep pace is to demonstrate managerial agility. This agility is fundamental in the management of assessment methods, especially since the health crisis. For example, companies that quickly launched Surveys on teleworking were able to limit the negative impact of organisational upheaval on their employees. But beyond the health crisis, it is a real strategic advantage for companies to be able to demonstrate managerial agility thanks to a flexible, intuitive tool that does not require hours of training. A solution like Elevo is the perfect answer to this new need for agility, because Elevo adapts to each company culture, business unit and HR issue! 

Continuous support from a dedicated Customer Success is reserved for contracts of more than €7500/year, for more information, consult the details of our offers.

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Being Customer Success at Elevo: Supporting HR leaders for the long term

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