Elevo & PayFit digitize the HR offer of companies from end to end

Elevo & PayFit digitize the HR offer of companies from end to end

2 start-ups, 1 objective: Digitize the HR offer of companies.

PayFit: The leader in simple, automated payroll for all SMEs.

Elevo: The leader in performance and talent management that reinvents management.

The world of HR 2.0

The HR software market is changing. Formerly nested in large administrative suites that looked like ERPs, it now specializes by software brick. Each software brick becomes more innovative and qualitative. Today's HR department is committed to working with the best solutions in each area: Payroll, Training, Recruitment, Performance and Talent Management, etc. Each of these solutions must be interconnected to work in harmony. And this is exactly what the partnership between PayFit and Elevo is all about.

"A good HR tool meets a specific need" - Sandrine Meunier, Chief People Officer, Aircall (Elevo customer).

Propose a complete (and expert) HR offer from payroll management to the management of appraisal interviews.

What does this bring to Human Resources professionals?

🚀 Digitalization

Automate more and more HR processes: from payroll management to performance reviews and goal management.

🕦 Time saving and reliability

Synchronise the list of PayFit employees within Elevo in real time. No more double entries, no more errors!

🎯 Steering your HR strategy thanks to perfect data visibility

By combining the strengths of PayFit and Elevo, you can track all key information about your employees (their performance, commitment, progress) and your payroll.

Payroll and evaluation interviews = A logical link!

With this integration, offer your employees a complete and unified experience, from annual interviews to receiving pay slips.

PayFit & Elevo: One and the same philosophy "to simplify the life of HRs".

Since Elevo's inception, our mission has been to simplify the lives of human resources professionals so that they can focus on high value-added projects. A vision we share with PayFit:

  • A simple tool and an engaging interface for a better employee experience
  • Expert support and follow-up

You haven't tried Elevo yet? ⇒ Take advantage of -15% off your subscription* thanks to the Elevo x PayFit partnership!

Not yet a PayFit customer? ⇒ PayFit offers you 2 months for free as part of the partnership with Elevo!

By: Etienne Le Scaon, CEO Elevo

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Elevo & PayFit digitize the HR offer of companies from end to end

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