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The Manager Survey

Thanks to the Manager Survey, allow your employees to evaluate their manager.

Reduce perception gaps and quickly increase the skills of your managers thanks to feedback from their employees.  

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The Manager Survey
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How does the Manager Survey accelerate the development of your managers?


The absence of a Manager Survey

The Manager Survey is based on the evaluation of a manager by his N-1. If you don't use it, you are preventing your managers from rapidly increasing their skills through targeted actions (training, coaching, internal mobility, etc.). In other words, you miss out on the professional development of your leaders!


The Manager Survey on Elevo

Thanks to the Manager Survey on Elevo, employees can speak up and give anonymous feedback to their managers. The Manager Survey on Elevo makes evaluations fairer and more objective. What's more, thanks to feedback from their N-1s, your managers will quickly increase their skills.

Increase the potential of your leaders with the Manager Survey

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Activate the "Anonymous" mode for your Manager Surveys

Collect qualitative feedback through evaluations that can be anonymous for maximum transparency.

Thanks to objective answers, initiate relevant HR projects (training, coaching, internal mobility) and quickly advance your managers.

All your management practices on an engaging platform
Assess managerial skills in one click

Assess managerial skills in one click

Simplify and customise your Manager Surveys by easily establishing a list of competencies to be assessed.

Make it easier for your employees to assess their manager's skills by using a single scoring system and varying the formats of your questions.

Reduce perception gaps

Simply visualise the differences in perception between the manager's responses and those of his or her team regarding his or her managerial skills.

Promote better exchanges thanks to an easily exploitable visual rendering.

Analyse your surveys for better impact

"Elevo is a tool for HR, but it is above all a tool for employees and managers!"

Justine Reure, Former HR Development Manager, Figaro Classifieds

Justine Reure, Former HR Development Manager, Figaro Classifieds

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