La gestion de la formation

Elevo helps HR and managers guide each employee to the right training, at the right time.

Managers become involved in the development of their teams: they help define the training needs of each individual and then transmit them to you via Elevo.

We also make your operational management easier: all your processes are automated within a unified solution, from the training request to budget tracking.

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How is harvesting training on Elevo more flexible?


Training management on a traditional HRIS

Managing training requests in an HRIS means little visibility for employees, no link between the module and the rest of the solution, irrelevant and unstructured training requests, complex follow-up, a lot of wasted time and money!

"Too complex, too much information on the screen and not intuitive enough. I don't use all the features.
I need a simple tool where I'm not lost."

- Elevo customer & former customer of a traditional HRIS


Managing training on Elevo

On the platform, the collection and follow-up of training needs is simplified. View new training requests at a glance and click for more details. Elevo also allows you to involve your managers because they are the ones who make the requests! With Elevo, you'll promote good talent management in your company.

"It's great, simple and fluid. This is the part we were missing to structure our training requests. The management was still very manual until now."

- Elevo customer

Collect relevant training requests

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Targeted training

Thanks to the development areas resulting from the assessment interviews, managers guide each employee towards training courses that increase their skills and commitment.

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Accelerated treatment

Managers complete and transmit training requests via Elevo, so they reach you in a detailed and usable form.

"Elevo is absolutely involved in every stage of the HR agenda. Naturally, the collection of training needs and their prioritisation is now done directly in the platform."

Maud Bourdrez, HR Manager, JobTeaser

Maud Bourdrez, HR Manager, JobTeaser

Your budget, optimised

Precise training requests and real-time budget monitoring: our tools enable you to make quick and effective decisions, whatever your funding structure.

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Facilitate the arbitration of training requests

Better visibility

Employees and managers are informed in real time of the progress of requests. Reporting is also made easy, directly on Elevo or via detailed exports available at the click of a button.