Interview and evaluation campaigns

Employee appraisal finally simplified

Digitize your annual, professional and HR interview practices and achieve more than 95% completion rate among your employees
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Digitize your employee appraisal practices

With Elevo, you don't have to worry about paper, Word documents and complicated platforms to manage annual meetings.
to our intuitive interface you are able to digitize your assessments right from the start.

Build your frameworks in a few clicks with our expertise and HR support.

Launch your interview cycles in a few clicks

Elevo is designed to be quick and intuitive to use from start to finish.

From the choice of participants to the setting up of the campaign, Elevo is committed to simplifying the interview process as much as possible. You save time so that you can finally analyse the results and launch HR initiatives.

Transform your evaluation
interviews into real moments of dialogue

Transversal vision

Overview of its direct (n-1) and indirect (n-2) teams


View in a few clicks the actions to be performed for your team

History of the event

Keep a record and argue your exchanges

Achieve more than 95% completion rate by your employees

Our priority: to guarantee the success of your project.

Elevo is a new generation platform built to generate usage. From self-assessment to electronic signature, HR interviews are no longer a bad experience for your employees.

A simple method for managing performance

There is no substitute for exchange! Thanks to Elevo's simplicity, you are able to multiply the moments of exchange throughout the year.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can engage your employees and managers at rates of more than 95%.

Finally, thanks to the data export you are able to analyze the results and improve your HR practices. We advise and support you throughout this process.

Your evaluations finally have an impact on your HR roadmap

We are convinced that the future of HR will be enhanced by the data.

Once your interview campaign is over, you are able to export the results simply for analysis. Our team is at your disposal to assist you in the use of the data.

How Greenflex transformed its interviews into a real HR management tool

Testimonial imageTestimonial image

Elevo is a safe and easy to use platform

Electronic signature

Sign online all your documents with electronic signature

E-mail reminders

Late arrivals are notified automatically, or with a single click


Elevo integrates with all your HR tools


Adapt your evaluations to the uses of your employees

Simplified administration

Monitor and act on your evaluations intuitively

Multiply contacts

Thanks to Elevo you are able to multiply the number of manager/managed exchange moments

Data analysis

Make the most of your annual evaluations by analyzing the results

Guaranteed security

GDPR and CNIL imperatives. We propose a DPA approved if necessary.

All types of interviews

Onboarding, exit interview, day pass, annual...

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Adopted by companies, appreciated by employees

With a 95% employee usage rate and 100% turnover in the first year, our clients trust Elevo to develop the commitment and performance of their teams.

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manage your teams

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