How Elevo supports Figaro Classifieds in its HR strategy throughout the year

Justine Reure
HR Development Officer

The Figaro Classifieds project

For years, the Figaro Classifieds HR team has been working essentially with an HRIS (Human Resources Management Information System) that allowed them to do several things: payroll management, leave management, updating employee information and interview management. 

But after years of using this cumbersome and complex HRIS, the HR team realized that this tool was no longer suitable for effective performance and talent management. " I found it neither fluid nor ergonomic. It lacked flexibility and customizability. In addition, we realized that it gave a bad image of the HR team. We also realized that it gave a bad image of the HR team," says Justine Reure, HR Development Manager at Figaro Classifieds.

That's why it began looking for other, more effective HR tools to improve interview completion rates and to create a culture of continuous feedback. After conducting a rigorous benchmark, Justine finally chose the Elevo solution. 

"I've always had good contact with Elevo's teams. The support and expertise of the Customer Success team is essential for the success of our HR projects. There is a good reactivity, and that's important for us! » 

The Elevo solution for Figaro Classifieds

Launch of 3 high value-added HR projects 

Working since January 2020 with the Elevo solution, Figaro Classifieds is currently using 3 Elevo functionalities: 

  • Half-year talks: Figaro Classifieds launches campaigns to collect feedback from employees on 2 different aspects: skills and performance. The intuitive nature of the tool has led to a significant increase in the completion rate. "With Elevo, we have gone from annual interviews to half-year talks. In the future, we'll probably be doing other types of campaigns even more frequently.
  • Onboarding and surprise reports : During the first two months of employee integration, the HR team launches campaigns to evaluate the employee's adherence to the team and the company as a whole.
  • Surveys: The HR team also uses Elevo to launch feedback campaigns on the post-crisis management of Covid-19. At the time of the deconfinement, for example, the HR team launched a survey that gave employees the opportunity to express themselves on how the situation was managed by the company and to prepare together for the "after". "We wanted to get feedback on our support, cohesion and the strategy adopted during this post-crisis period. The feedback was very useful to us."

Other functionalities of the platform will thus be gradually implemented at Figaro Classifieds, such as 360° feedback, as the company is very satisfied with Elevo's service and support. 

"It's a tool for HR, but above all it's a tool for employees and managers! "Justine Reure, HR Development Officer

A dedicated tool and tailor-made support 

Figaro Classifieds has chosen to dissociate administrative management, linked to payroll, from performance management. Indeed, an overly generalist HRIS excludes the possibility of benefiting from increased expertise for all HR missions. The collaboration with Elevo has allowed Figaro Classifieds to benefit from both human and technological end-to-end support. We can mention for example the design of campaigns, the implementation of training courses for managers, the analysis of results presented to the Executive Committee, or a targeted study on the adaptation of teams to teleworking. In this way, the HR department played a strategic role in the company's transition to teleworking.

A solution appreciated by all at Figaro Classifieds

In barely a year, employees have been able to get to grips with the Elevo tool, and are very appreciative of it. As a result, the HR team has seen an increase in employee engagement. "We got good feedback on the tool, the employees really played the game: we had a satisfactory response rate for the first year! "The HR development manager is delighted.

 staff members
Leader in the market for classified ads on the Internet, Figaro Classifieds generates 8 million unique visitors on all its sites, thanks to its 350 employees. Its most famous brands include Cadremploi, Le Figaro Etudiant and Le Figaro Immobilier.

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Elevo's advantages for 

Figaro Classifieds

Very good interview completion rate
An enjoyable employee experience thanks to the intuitive tool
Personalized support by the Elevo team
Management of all types of interviews: performance, day package, etc.

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