How Converteo allows its consultants to collect feedback at the end of the mission

Flora Herbet
Flora Herbet has been HR Manager at Converteo since 2015

Background information

At Converteo, employees interact with two distinct managers: their head of mission and their sponsor. The sponsors are responsible for coaching and career follow-up.

In a context of strong growth (70% per year), Flora had identified three major challenges for employee follow-up:

  • Provide regular feedback to young consultants on their work. Indeed, the latter, faithful to the characteristics of the new generations, are very much in need of feedback in order to progress as quickly as possible.
  • Provide frequent and quality feedback to the various "sponsors" on the work of their "godchildren", since they do not always work together on the same mission.
  • Have a structured process and provide managers with a complete and orderly vision of employee follow-up.

Flora had long identified the importance and relevance of 360° feedback for the evaluation of a population of consultants. Without any dedicated tool at her disposal she turned to Google Form. She did everything by hand, so it was almost impossible for her and the sponsors to use the results of the consultations. This led to frustration on both sides: consultants filled out questionnaires without knowing what came out of them, and sponsors could see that they were missing out on very useful information.

The situation was no longer sustainable, "we couldn't continue with this system," she confirms.

"No other solution on the market covered all our needs while being flexible enough to adapt to our specific needs"

The deployment

"The implementation was very smooth and the support was always reactive and attentive"

In addition, the flexibility of the platform seduced her, "the examples of frames, already integrated in the software, that can be adapted according to her needs allow her to be inspired and to ask questions that we had not necessarily thought of" she tells us.

The renewal is Elevo

"Everyone wins with Elevo" according to Flora. First of all, the HR team is now free of a time-consuming process and therefore saves a lot of time: "a good week just on organizing an evaluation campaign" she tells us.

"Elevo has allowed me to set up new feedback processes"

Elevo was also very well received by the consultants who are happy to get feedback on their work and to be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, they are no longer "forced to wait for the annual end-of-year interview" and can therefore progress continuously. For their part, the sponsors have adopted Elevo as their "discussion support for the interviews, they are delighted to have elements that were previously inaccessible".

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Elevo's advantages for 


Provide regular feedback to consultants
Have a structured process and provide leaders with a comprehensive vision
Significant time saving
A discussion support for coaching
360° Feedback

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