How did Kapten transform evaluations into a time of constructive exchange appreciated by employees?

Yvan Aussenac
Chief HR Officer at Kapten since 2017

A desire for renewal and modernity

"Getting out of the administrative and formal process of the annual interview that is not beneficial to the company's various stakeholders", this is what Yvan told us when we asked him what one of his objectives was when he joined Kapten.

Indeed, he noted that this system was not appreciated by the employees, unlike the other fluid and modern processes of the company.  

Thus, he wanted to inject a new dynamic into the teams, "I had many ideas in mind, but I couldn't find a tool that matched my vision of things, finally until I came across Elevo".

More concretely, he wanted to change the form and content of the moments of exchange by instituting 360° feedback. The aim was, of course, to offer employees a more agile, transparent and collaborative follow-up, but also "to improve the company's image and to homogenize the quality of the tools we make available to them".

" Nous have completely transformed our system by implementing 360° feedback through Elevo "

"The implementation and handling was very easy," he says. In fact, little communication was necessary to deploy Elevo in the company since "the product naturally led employees to complete their evaluations" he attests to us.

The success of 360° feedback

Yvan has seen many changes at Kapten since the implementation of Elevo.

"I expected 360° feedback to be well received, but it still exceeded my expectations: it was a real success.

Indeed, he was pleasantly surprised by the emulation around the latter and by the many interactions it can generate within the teams. In addition, he observes that "employees and managers are now more autonomous in conducting their interviews" and that they have become actors of feedback within the company.

He also points out that this is the first time that teams have been fully satisfied with their moments of exchange, and that employees are delighted to receive feedback from their peers.

Finally, Yvan points out that he has noticed a clear improvement in the quality of feedback at Kapten. According to him, this will be very useful to them on a managerial level to set up the most appropriate actions for each employee.

 staff members
Levallois-Perret, France
Kapten has 384 employees who consider that the start-up spirit is not just a game of ping-pong. What drives them? To evolve in a challenging context and know that their job has an impact on a universal subject: urban mobility. In just a few years, they have become a key player in the French VTC market, with a presence in Paris, Lyon and the Côte d'Azur.

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Elevo's advantages for 


A completely redesigned performance monitoring system
More qualitative feedback
More interaction and emulation between teams
An HR and managerial management tool
Increased engagement of employees in their evaluations

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