How AirCall created a high-performance culture in a hyper-growth environment with Elevo

Sandrine Meunier
Chief People Officer at Aircall

The Project

AirCall is a scale-up, doubling its turnover and staff every year, specialising in tool-connected business telephony. Today, AirCall has more than 300 employees worldwide. In this context of hyper growth, the challenge is to promote a high level of individual and collective commitment but also to create a culture of feedback and high performance

However, this mission does not seem simple in "a structure that welcomes an average of 20 new employees every two weeks" because it can make the monitoring of employees complex. Determined to anticipate this problem, AirCall identified the 4 product characteristics it needed:

  1. An intuitive and easy-to-use tool for HRs, managers and employees
  2. A solution that meets the needs of internationalization: employees in different geographical areas
  3. Ability to connect with other HR tools
  4. A tool that allows real-time data management

The Elevo solution for Aircall

AirCall called upon Elevo's solution in order to have the best support in the implementation of an HR strategy that is in line with its values. The challenge is to develop and structure the exchanges between employees and managers on several aspects of work commitment. An intuitive tool such as Elevo makes it possible to gain efficiency on these subjects while guaranteeing the deployment of the company's values. Indeed, creating a performance culture in a scale up is a complex process that requires a structured approach. More than a possibility, using a performance and talent management tool is a necessity.

"We have finally been able to create the feedback process that fits our high performance culture," says Emma Genestoux, HR Partner EMEA at AirCall.

Choosing a specific tool instead of an "all-in-one" HRIS

Aircall has chosen to adopt a dedicated performance and engagement management tool at a time when generalist HRISs are emerging.

"A good HR tool meets a specific need," explains Sandrine Meunier, Chief People Officer at AirCall.

Indeed, adopting an "all-in-one" tool excludes the possibility of benefiting from increased expertise for all HR missions, and in particular for talent and performance management. HRIS is proving to be a good solution for personnel administration (payroll, expense reports, leave, etc.). However, the challenges related to employee engagement, performance and decision making need to be addressed with particular attention. 

Performance reviews based on feedback 

One of AirCall's challenges was to measure employee performance in the most relevant way possible. Elevo made it possible to link the feedback to the employees' objectives and thus give employees better visibility of their performance.

Feedback from peers and feedback to managers were crucial elements in creating a comprehensive 360 program. It was necessary to redefine the way Aircall conducts assessments by introducing 360 feedback, and to consider how these assessments are measured to ensure good communication. 

People Analytics: data for HR strategy

Elevo's solution provides access to key data to better manage its HR policy. At AirCall, 3 categories of customized reports were generated following each campaign (there was one campaign per semester) :

  • Individual performance: the aim is to identify top and low performers through a mapping that shows the percentage of completion of each employee's personal objectives. In addition to this data, Elevo suggests an action plan for the HR team and thus helps in the execution. 

  • Performance of teams or regions: the objective of this report is to analyse the performance of teams in order to identify those in difficulty and understand why. 

  • Motivation: This last report allowed AirCall to assess motivation by region and team. This result is easy to obtain because each employee performs a self-assessment on motivational indicators such as work-life balance, recognition at work, intellectual stimulation or alignment with company values, which is a very valuable indicator to measure commitment, especially during teleworking periods.

"Thanks to the reports by region and by team, we can analyse the results of the campaigns. This data, shared with our teams, allows us to adjust our priorities." - Sandrine Meunier, Chief People Officer, AirCall.

A tool adopted by the HR department and acclaimed by managers and employees

Emma Genestoux confides that she saved several days of work thanks to the "flexibility, speed and reactivity" of Elevo and her teams. The HR team was won over, particularly by the " hyper intuitive administrator interface" which made the management of the campaigns more pleasant.

Furthermore, Emma underlines the fact that offering a tool like Elevo contributes to giving HR processes a more digital stature and improves the company's employer brand. 

Employees and managers were enthusiastic about the event and saw it as a " fun platform " and a " very positive experience to be repeated". They appreciated "the traceability and the possibility to leave their answers on hold and come back to them later".

As a result, 93% of employees responded to the campaigns!

Sandrine Meunier, CPO & Emma Genestoux, HR Partner, Aircall

 staff members
Paris, New York
AirCall is a scale-up specialized in enterprise telephony connected to tools. Since its creation, Aircall has had the ambition to revolutionize business telephony by making it simple, transparent and collaborative.

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Elevo's advantages for 


Flexible platform that adapts to the specificities of the company
Significant time saving
An HR and managerial management tool
Very good interview completion rate
More qualitative feedback
Provide 360° feedback on a team or department
Fast and available support
Visual reports and analysis of campaign results to drive HR strategy
An enjoyable employee experience thanks to the intuitive tool

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