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Why an HRIS is not designed to increase employee performance
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Why an HRIS is not designed to increase employee performance

There is HR software for just about every need, so it's hard to find your way around! In this article, we help you to see more clearly.


There is software for just about every need, so much so that there is an inflation in the number of solutions. On average, companies use 37 different tools. Today, your company's HR team is probably contributing to this score, with various software packages in use. It's hard to find your way around applicant tracking systems (ATS), survey platforms and other all-in-one HRIS software that address everything and don't handle anything perfectly.

Après avoir géré la mise en oeuvre du plan de déconfinement des collaborateurs, il est tout à fait compréhensible que les équipes RH souhaitent consolider leurs outils de suivi sans pour autant se rajouter un stress inutile. 

Some of them may be interested in a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or even complement it. 

Or, cette notion ultra générique s’avère être un véritable terme fourre-tout : Parle-t-on de gestion administrative des collaborateurs ? Du recrutement ? Du développement des compétences ? 

To deal with issues that go beyond the generic HR support functionalities (HR administration, payroll and benefits management), such as performance monitoring and talent management, it is advisable to turn to dedicated solutions, bearing in mind that some of them fit perfectly into a pre-existing HRIS.

Differentiate between back-office and front-office tools

Today's human resources departments are concerned with both the front and back office experience, respectively with employee-related matters (recruitment, performance, GPEC, training) and purely administrative tasks (payroll, expense accounts, holidays, etc.). 

Si l'engagement et la performance des employés sont devenus des enjeux prioritaires, la gestion des données relatives aux employés tout comme la paie ou la gestion administrative figurent toujours en bonne place dans la fiche de poste des RH.

It is, however, logical to want to combine HR administration, payroll and social benefits management. Certain parameters, such as whether employees can take days off, need to be accurately integrated into the payroll. In turn, home address, legal name and other employee information must remain synchronised. 

Your HRIS is the engine of all this - it is your source of truth for all matters of personnel administration.

But what about performance management, employee engagement and HR decision-making (promotions, development, mobility)? All of this is part of a high value-added front-office HR policy. So a different kind of tool is needed to meet these challenges. 

"A good HR tool meets a precise need!"
- Sandrine Meunier, Chief People Officer, Aircall. 

Investing in the employee experience 

Avec un horizon économique incertain et un temps perdu à rattraper côté business et administration RH, il est vital de recréer une cohésion et dynamique qui a pu s’émousser durant le confinement. Afin de combattre le stress et d’assurer la continuité de l’activité, digitaliser les tâches RH est plus que jamais d’actualité, mais pas à n’importe quel prix. 

If youchoose the wrong tool, you will lose out on a good return rate from your employees and you will not be able to meet your legal obligations.

There will be a strong temptation for some employers or HRDs to use an all-in-one administrative HRIS that gives the impression that it covers all the needs of HR professionals. 

However, such a choice will prove inappropriate and uninviting for several reasons. 

First of all, its user experience (UX) triggers a "push-back effect" on employees. 

It isdifficult for managers and employees alike to find their way around this (too) often rigid, austere and rapidly outdated set of software bricks. 

En effet, la plupart des progiciels SIRH n’intègrent aucune innovation RH (feedbacks, OKR…)

Moreover, when it is installed, the simplicity and speed of use presented during a demonstration is often only apparent. 

Indeed, the installation of an HRIS is not just a matter of technology and requires real support for change in order to win the support of the teams. 

Because a good HR tool is first and foremost a tool that is used and shared. 

Secondly, its installation is extremely cumbersome and requires a deployment that may take several months, so it cannot be operational quickly. 

Finally, most HRIS solutions do not include analytics functionality, so it is impossible to perform cross-functional data analysis to take into account feedback from your employees and modernise your management practices. 

Let's not forget that confinement has given rise to a need for social ties among employees that should be fulfilled. The interview remains an effective tool for managing skills, performance and careers, provided that it is prepared and followed up. 

Ainsi, l’entretien annuel individuel dans sa forme historique offre une périodicité inadaptée et doit céder la place à de multiples entretiens réguliers. 

Moreover, as an HR professional, you are responsible for the employee experience, a subject that is of great strategic importance to the younger generation of talent. 

However, an evaluation deadline of one year, just like a professional interview every two years, no longer makes sense for profiles from generation Z, who are looking for immediacy.  

Encourage real discussions on employee performance

Traditional annual appraisals are often associated for employees with potential raises or bonuses. So when it comes to having these important conversations, it can be difficult to keep employees focused on their development and career progression, and not on the financial aspects.

At Elevo, we believe that good feedback discussions - both honest and constructive - CANNOT take place at the same time as salary decisions, which logically create additional stress .

Les professionnels des ressources humaines sont conscients de l'importance de segmenter les 2 moments d'échanges (salaires vs feedback constructif). Cela peut s'avérer difficile lorsque vous effectuez la paie et les entretiens annuels dans le même système. C'est là que la nuance et la flexibilité d'une solution dédiée aux performances peuvent aider à orienter la conversation.

To put collaboration at the heart of your business, you need to create moments of exchange throughout your employees' careers . This requires regular feedback - an approach that HRIS vendors struggle to implement, but where dedicated tools excel. With our customers, the segmentation of HR administration tools and performance has resulted in significantly higher employee engagement rates.

"With Elevo, we have never before achieved a satisfaction rate of over 95% on our annual interviews"
- Elise Van Der Schans, HR Director, TraceOne. 

Dedicated and expert support for your HR development projects

HRIS are not useless, far from it.  

Thus, these solutions are a real time-saver for HR teams. 

En revanche, elles se révéleront inefficaces pour créer une véritable culture de la performance et du feedback au sein de votre organisation. 

Our customers have told us that the lack of support from their HRIS vendor on HR development issues has convinced them to abandon their all-in-one HRIS and opt for our solution. 

This is because the expertise of the customer service department in an area such as performance management is extremely important, because it is a question of accompanying customers in the implementation of their evaluation and feedback campaigns, while respecting their corporate culture, it is not just an IT project!

Un expert en gestion des talents et de la performance va avoir l'expérience nécessaire pour vous accompagner dans la mise en place des meilleures pratiques RH selon vos besoins précis. Ainsi il pourra vous conseiller sur des problématiques managériales en lien avec les valeurs de votre entreprise. 

Launching annual interview campaigns with the benefit of expertise on the subject will enable you to have relevant and personalised question frames for the different professions within your company. Your CSM will also be able to analyse the results of your campaigns and produce meaningful statistics to facilitate decision-making (training needs, career committee, talent review, etc.) and thus enable you to boost the performance of your employees and build loyalty. 

"The reasons we chose Elevo are the expertise, the reactivity, the flexibility... and above all the knowledge and know-how of the CSM team that they bring to us every day!"
- Marie Raimbert-Galtier, Chief People Officer, JellyFish. 


While HRIS vendors excel at HR administration, payroll and benefits, employee performance and engagement management requires a different kind of software.

As you will have understood, setting up evaluation campaigns throughout the year, as well as defining and monitoring objectives, will enable you to maintain and develop the commitment of your employees. 

HRIS not adapted to People Management
Comparison table between the Elevo Solution and a traditional HRIS


Mieux qu’un SIRH siloté et asynchrone, disposer d’une plateforme de management de la performance et des talents comme Elevo vous permettra de rendre vos collaborateurs acteurs de leur gestion de carrière et ainsi faire du développement professionnel, un avantage concurrentiel pour votre marque employeur. 

To remember: 


An HRIS is fine for generic HR functions such as HR administration, payroll and benefits management, but will not adequately address the needs of performance management and employee engagement.
Before choosing or adding to your HRIS, it is advisable to evaluate the available solutions, their functionalities, their added value, but also your objectives and expectations (how to make processes more fluid, etc.). Remember thatan all-in-one HRIS solution is rarely effective in all HR situations and that performance evaluation issues require a dedicated tool that is flexible, easy to use and compatible with any HRIS.
The holding and follow-up of interviews are key to the development of employee commitment . The traditional annual interview, because of its frequency and its inappropriate scoring system, is often badly perceived by employees. It must be supplemented by a multiplicity of regular and interactive meetings, including quarterly check-ins.
An HRIS offers an unattractive price/performance ratio in terms of the time it takes to get up and running, the slowness of its campaign launch functionality, the UI/UX flaws in its interface and its low rate of return for both employees and managers. 
Having a dedicatedsolution with expert customer support is key to performance management, as is building a culture of feedback and talent management. The result? Your employees are more engaged, better guided and more fairly evaluated.

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Why an HRIS is not designed to increase employee performance

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