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  • Elevo sort un nouveau produit dĂ©diĂ© Ă  la formation !

Elevo sort un nouveau produit dédié à la formation !

Elevo sort un nouveau produit dédié à la formation !

Près d’un salarié Français sur deux est insatisfait du suivi de ses demandes de formation… le nouveau produit d’Elevo permettra d’y remédier.


‍Paris, le 2 décembre 2021 – Elevo, plateforme de management de la performance et des talents, annonce la sortie de son nouveau produit dédié à la formation. Basé sur l'analyse de la gestion de la formation dans les entreprises, tant côté RH que managers et collaborateurs, Elevo a construit un produit qui répond aux besoins de fluidité du trio collaborateur, manager et RH.

Three major sticking points had emerged: 

  1. Difficulty for HR to collect complete and relevant training requests
  2. Lack of information on training applications
  3. Lack of visibility given to the employee on the status of his/her request


Fort de ce constat, Elevo a construit un nouveau produit qui permet au manager de renseigner précisément les demandes de formation de ses collaborateurs, avec toutes les informations nécessaires aux RH. Le manager est en effet le mieux placé pour comprendre le projet professionnel de son collaborateur et l’accompagner vers la meilleure montée en compétences. Afin d’assurer la qualification de la demande, le manager est guidé lors de la création de sa demande pour plus de clarté sur les informations attendues par l’équipe RH.

The employee no longer has to search for the information, he or she is informed of the status of the request as it is made and can find this information at any time in his or her profile (and the manager too). The training request no longer disappears into a black hole as is sometimes the case.

Le nouveau produit d'Elevo dédié à la formation


Déjà utilisé chez plusieurs clients, ce produit complète l’offre d’Elevo.

"Elevo is absolutely involved in every stage of the HR agenda. Naturally, the collection of training needs and their prioritisation are now done directly in the platform."
- Maud Bourdrez, HR Manager at JobTeaser


Elevo surveyed 1,500 French employees on training

In parallel, Elevo surveyed 1,500 French employees in October 2021 and delivers the results of this exclusive survey. 

Training management is a major challenge for companies because it contributes to talent management, team well-being and ultimately to the company's competitiveness. A good training policy helps to increase employee commitment and to retain the talent in its teams.

The survey results show the central role of managers in employee satisfaction with training management. Employees' views on the attention paid by their employer to vocational training are quite positive (periods of part-time work may have helped this trend).

82% of employees feel they have a good dialogue with their manager on training . However, 35% of respondents would like their employer to increase the emphasis on training (with no significant differences by sector, organisation size, status, age or gender). 



The central role of managers and appraisal interviews

Managers play a central role in the training system as they are the main contact for employees (in 40% of cases), far ahead of the HR manager (17% of responses) or the training manager (15% of responses). 19% of employees surveyed consider that they do not have a main contact for their training requests. Even more surprisingly, 9% of respondents do not know who their contact person is on this subject.

Only 55% of employees are satisfied with the follow-up of their training requests. 45% of employees feel that their requests are not taken into account effectively by their employer, or do not know. 

However, when the appraisal interview is well conducted (from the employees' point of view), the satisfaction rates for the consideration of training requests and their follow-up exceed 80%. Conversely, poor appraisal interviews contribute to a feeling of inefficiency in the management of training requests .

"A company that takes training seriously is a company that has a strategic vision for the future and makes the choice to be among the leaders of tomorrow rather than the followers who will undoubtedly be in trouble. This iswhy we have developed a new module for managing training, a key issue for companies, at the heart of talent development. Our new module, intuitive and fluid, allows all parties to better understand and communicate with each other and helps to meet the expectations of each employee."
- Etienne Le Scaon, CEO and co-founder of Elevo

Your guide to HR training

Rethink your training management and boost the development of your employees.

Elevo sort un nouveau produit dédié à la formation !

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